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Starting from wherever you are.

How I can help as a Consultant or Interim:

Do you need a creative and entrepreneurial approach that maximises sustainable income opportunities but don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle to identify and connect with high net worth donors who might give to your cause?

Are you looking for ways to build a culture of major giving across your organisation and a strategy that aligns with your wider goals?

My offer to you:

The building blocks you need to create or enhance your major giving programme and a clear and tangible pathway to relationship-based fundraising that embeds a donor-first philosophy at your charity.

  • A strategy that’s based on wide stakeholder consultation
  • The creation of a case for support that really sings
  • Expert pipeline building
  • Imaginative engagement opportunities that deliver ROI rather than drain resources
  • A kick start to your programme with a full service for securing, preparing for and following up high net worth meetings alongside your CEO, trustee or senior volunteer
  • Help to build an effective development board and advice on how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Personal mentoring for your in-house fundraisers
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How I can help as a trainer and inspirer

Are things feeling…..well, dull?  Are you looking for a new persepective?

Perhaps your CEO, trustees or senior volunteers need to re-frame ‘the ask’ into ‘the opportunity’ and are seeking more confidence and a format that works?

Or maybe your in-house fundraisers need help with key skills like the ability to persuade, build rapport or increase stamina in a challenging climate?

My offer to you:
  • Storytelling skills and unique performer insights that will give your team the X-factor
  • Tangible steps to building trust and rapport with HNW’s leading to smart conversion
  • Support with resilience and effective time management

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